Hi, I'm Kat

Design system designer

I build design like lego blocks.
You change the base, and everything else follows.

My principles

In my career, I have created design system principles to ensure that the design system I am constructing and maintaining is reflective of what I value.

1. Design system speaks in tokens

Tokens are the essential building blocks that form the foundation of the system.

2. Examples, not explanation

Demonstrating best practices examples could be more helpful than creating lengthy documentation. It’s easier to adopt and maintain from live examples.

3. Add to the library only what is necessary

Adding is easy; removing is almost impossible. Each addition must fight to to be included.

4. Embrace accessibility

Everyone should be able to properly use a product - regardless of ability, context, or situation.

5. Follow trends and lean to innovations

A design system is a living organism that should evolve and change with the latest design trends.

6.“Hot potato” team structure

Exchange ideas swiftly between the designer and developer throughout the entire product creation process.

7. Governance and adoption

A design system is a culture and way of working that encourages collaboration and innovation. The adoption process is an essential part of establishing a successful design system, enabling teams to work cohesively and make good decisions.


I had the opportunity to assist companies in creating design systems from the ground up, expanding it to various platforms, as well as facilitating its integration into the firms' culture.

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